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My feminist haircut

“I don’t particularly care how people view my sexuality, or my femininity for that matter, and if someone thinks that I’m a ‘damaged’ woman because I have short hair, then wow, they can just stay as far away from me as possible, thanks.” –Jessica Bickford  

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The need for feminism

Clearing up some misconceptions about feminism Article: Sonia Stanger – Contributor n an article in last week’s Carillon entitled “Can we talk about feminism?” a few issues were raised that I would like to take up. Heck yeah, let’s talk about feminism! Feminism is, essentially, the movement to end systemic social and political gender inequalities, sure. But it’s a common misconception that for women to be raised up, it must be at the expense of ...

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Can we talk about feminism?

Examining the double standard between gender Article: Emily Wright – Graphics Editor t’s fair to assume that I, as a member of our species who was born with two X chromosomes, would be all in favor of a movement that empowers and liberates people like me. Right? After all, there are many definitions of feminism, but at its bare bones in the dictionary, feminism is essentially just the crazy belief that men and women should ...

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