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Dear Justin Trudeau

There is nothing I hate more than attractive politics. Why are we letting beautiful men commit the same atrocities old, cranky men do? Justin Trudeau, ruggedly handsome as he may be, is a racist, hypocritical sack of centrist garbage, and we all told you so.

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Carbon tax blues

author: nick giokas – contributor  The Trudeau government’s proposed Carbon Pricing Plan is, simply put, absolutely god-awful. While I’m happy that the Trudeau government is following through on its commitment to tackle climate change, their Carbon Pricing Plan is just another example of the Liberals failing to translate solid ideas into sound policy. What Trudeau is proposing is a flat tax on carbon emissions with the tax rate rising from $10/tonne in 2018 to $50/tonne by 2022. ...

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Admirable dictatorship

Article: Taras Matkovsky – Contributor ustin Trudeau recently got himself into heavy controversy on two counts. The first involved a promotional poster for one of his fundraisers that critics complained was demeaning to women. However, that paled in comparison to what he said at that same fundraiser. When asked which country’s administration he most admired after Canada’s, Trudeau said that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship” for its ability to turn the economy around. He went on ...

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