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Warp movie titles to your heart’s content Authors: John Loeppky and the Carillon staff, who are all now Hollywood writers Following TV show @Midnight’s lead, below are a number of (slightly altered) movie titles. Would you watch any of the following? The Sound of Elevator Music Dear John McEnroe  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret Admirers Surgically Inside Llewyn Davis The LEGO Movie: Uncensored The Hollywood Expendables America’s Muppets Most Wanted Non-Subsidized Daddy Daycare ...

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Horrific dissection

Confession of a fear junkie Article: Farron Ager – Oped Editor hy do you like horror so much?” This was a question posed to me by a friend, who, casually looking over my movie collection, noticed what he called a “disturbing trend.” It never really struck me as something worth serious thought, but, sure enough, as I pawed through my DVDs, a good 50 percent of them are just in the horror genre alone, from ...

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