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Junofest interview with Lauren Mann

Friday and Saturday were the most important parts of all the Juno shenanigans–actual live music. Junofest showcased a wide array of great musical acts from all over Canada, with a good deal of Saskatchewan artists in the mix. Even if you view the awards ceremony as nothing more than an industry circlejerk, the festival surrounding it did shine some light on some great Canadian acts. I caught up with Lauren Mann after her set at ...

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H*nky Chateau

I love that all of Elton John's CDs look like records

  So while browsing iTunes, I happened upon the Elton John section. I really enjoy Elton John, so I started browsing his discography, until I came upon one of my favourite albums of all time: Elton’s fifth album, Honky Chateau. It’s probably his best album, more compact than the sprawling Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and far and away easier to listen to than Madman Across the Water. Followed immediately by Don’t Shoot Me (I’m Just ...

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Protest Songs


What is a protest song? I've been struggling with this idea all day while trying to write a blog post, and I just don't know where to draw the line. I started out thinking specifically of the 60s and 70s protest songs like "The Times they are a Changin'" by Bob Dylan or "Imagine" by John Lennon, two legendary artists who wrote songs that, while bleak, seemed to encapsulate a hope for a better world. ...

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