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Regina 2020?

To the winners go the spoils. This competition could give JDC West a run for its money as the permanent event for popped collar aficionados to highlight just how supposedly well rounded they are.” – John Loeppky

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A Ryder Cup of hockey?

“I’m not going to lie, I am proud of the fact that I wore my beer-soaked team Canada jersey for three full days without taking it off while Canada was in the elimination rounds of the 2014 Olympics, and I am going to be hard pressed to even watch a tournament that’s full of college and AHL players in the 2018 Olympics.” – Harrison Brooks

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How to build a hockey dynasty

“Teams like USA and Sweden will lose one or two each year where as with Canada, there will consistently be three to five big name players that won't be available for the team. Canada has overcome this obstacle before, but it will continue to be their biggest challenge going forward.” – Harrison Brooks

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The CrossFit craze

“The gym not only houses Olympic weightlifting equipment, but also works with members who consider themselves elite athletes. These athletes have the option of participating in many CrossFit competitions across North America.” –Suzanne Barber

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The Legacy Continues

Safety of athletes should come first Article: John Loeppky – Contributor an I ask you one question? Since when did the Olympics morph from being a slightly dubious good-will engine powered by underfunded sports into an egotistical, underhanded, shady as all hell enterprise which specializes in putting dollar signs (or Rubles) before the safety of athletes? As an athlete in a major Paralympic sport (you’ll see why I added this preface in a few words), ...

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