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Snapchat filtering 101

By the year 2016, you would think that we, as a society, would have a little bit more sense. That is, sadly, a mile away from the truth. Some people still think it is totally okay to use racial slurs and then claim, “I didn’t mean it to be offensive!” whenever they are called out on it.

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Twitter an athlete’s best friend and enemy

:”In the ever-expanding technological world that we live in, social media, especially Twitter, has become the biggest medium for getting news to people all over the world, and is a good way for fans to connect with their favourite athlete or celebrity. For example, just the other day, NHL player Tyler Sequin tweeted that he wanted someone to bring him a burger while he was at practice and, sure enough, one of his fans delivered a cheeseburger to him at the rink.” – Harrison Brooks

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Putting the social in media

Or how twitter solved my social anxiety issues Article: Jessica Bickford – Contributor here was a time not too long ago that the prospect of walking into a room full of strangers and knowing that I would have to interact with them filled me with the kind of dread usually reserved for basements when the power is out. I was petrified, frightened, nervous, and, frankly, sweaty about social interactions in which I was decidedly not ...

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The Dangers of Social Media

Article: Liam Fitz-Gerald – Contributor wo weeks ago, a rumour appeared on Facebook alleging that a serial killer was running amok in the Queen City. The message asserted that the First Nations chiefs were informed by the Regina City Police that a serial killer was responsible for the murders of two First Nations women. An investigation is currently examining the murder of one woman in 2005 and another just this year. They are also investigating ...

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