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Buttonmashing with Butterfield

Star Wars: Battlefront: the review Author: Ethan Butterfield – Contributor I’m doing a Star Wars review one way or another! Ahem…I mean, hey everyone! Well, while the new Star Wars movie is out breaking records, I’m going to be talking about a game that broke my sense of wonder in half and proceeded to grind it into dust with the heel of its boot. I speak of none other than Star Wars: Battlefront. (Available for ...

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Journey to the Fan Expo

It’s like a cooler renaissance fair Article: Brian Allan – Contributor With the recent rise in the popularity of superhero movies, events like the San Diego Comic-Con (or SDCC) have become important places for companies to announce new movies, TV shows, and debut trailers. The so-called “nerd” audience is seen as an important part of the movie-going public. That audience (of which I consider myself a part), in turn, enjoys getting to see footage of ...

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How Lucas fixed (then ruined) the end of Star Wars

They brought down the Empire?

So with the recent re-re-re-release of Star Wars, this time in crisp, beautiful and unnecessary blu-ray, it got me thinking about what I love about Star Wars. Of  course, as with any true Star Wars fan, this soon led to what I hate about George Lucas. There is a collective belief that Star Wars was as close to perfection as it ever could be when it was originally released, complete with cheap puppets and fake ...

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