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Philosophy’s tears

“I think there is a rather pervasive myth going around that the only way for a person to succeed is to get a hands on degree, do mediocre at it, and then get out into the world, instead of studying something difficult and being passionate about learning.” - Jocelynn Marsden

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Op-Ed Roundtable

Participants: Shaadie Musleh, Kyle Leitch, Farron Ager, Liam Fitz-Gerald, Paige Kreutzwieser How many people did you trample/stab to get those sweet, sweet deals at Black Friday? Shaadie: None, thank you. That sounds like a venereal disease. Excuse me while I go aggressively shop for no apparent reason. #GotPunchedInTheFace #HesNotPrettyNoMore Kyle: None. I trampled the weak and hurdled the dead on Amazon. There was less of a chance of my dying/killing the animals that inhabit retail ...

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U of R overtime pay scandal

…deans, associate vice-presidents, and directors across the University were instructed to review all overtime records and claims in their Faculties and administrative units, and to report any problems or anomalies to their vice-president. The following month, in October 2012, a review was undertaken of all overtime paid out over the previous 5 years. – Statement from President’s Office

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