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Philosophy matters

Let’s sit down and think for a moment Article: Dan Sherven – Contributor peculiar thought to contemplate is that of multiverse theory. The theory states that there are an infinite amount of universes all co-existing at the exact same time in a larger multiverse. This is true to the extent that every single possible combination of events and subsequent effects has existed, will exist, or do exist. This means that every imaginable chain of decisions ...

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Survival of the fittest, indeed

Academic qualities necessary for scholarships Article: Audrey Claude – Contributor urvival of the fittest, indeed. I appreciated the article recently published in the Carillon entitled “Social change and theory”. It is about time we have the epiphany that we are all interdependent. We could create a positive academic community where we can depend on one another. However, on an economical level, our systems are built with hierarchy in mind. The most important question seems to be ...

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The cheating disorder

Saying there is cheating in universities is like saying there’s ugly piles of meat in a butcher’s shop Article: Farron Ager – Oped Editor hree weeks ago, the CBC did an expose on student cheating in Saskatchewan universities. The report mentions that in the 2011-2012 year, 74 students at our beloved institution were brought before official panels to face cases of academic deceit. Now, this may seem like a rather large number for a small-to-medium-sized ...

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A final farewell to finals

Article: Michael Chmielewski – Editor-in-chief ou exhale. All of it’s done. Your essays, your midterms, your projects, and all else, they’re done. Finally, you feel like you’re over the hump, but there’s one, or up to five things, that stand in your way. Finals. After all that semester threw on top of you, professors have the gall to throw a final at you? The idea of finals themselves is, in a sense, not intuitive. “Ok, students, ...

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November Blues

Article: Sonia Stanger – Contributor t is a truth universally acknowledged by university students that November is the worst. Those essays, which once seemed so far away, now loom menacingly, coming due sooner than seems possible. Sleep deprivation has become the norm. Library naps have moved from the realm of something that weird guy does to something that has become necessary just to get through a Wednesday. And who among us can say we haven’t had ...

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More to university than essays

Article: Farron Ager – Oped Editor n a cold winter’s day, when many students find themselves hunched over their desks, writing their next paper for that particularly hard-nosed professor that you’re sure is trying to fail you or studying for that next exam that the syllabus read as being worth 75% of your grade or somesuch ridiculous number, a small camaraderie of scholars escape the monotony of the university for a weekend. Their fellowship was ...

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Nostalgia for the Farm

The Best Part About Farming

  Ok, so this is going to sound stupid to a lot of you, but I really love being in a combine. A combine is a farm machine used for harvesting crops, if you didn’t know (surprisingly few people do). Growing up on a farm, I’ve driven a combine for several years in the fall, and it has always been some of the best times ever. I had time to myself to think about things, ...

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