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Local sports offer genuinely fun experience

Not everything in Regina has to be about the Riders When you’re talking about sports in Regina, all everyone ever seems to talk about is the Riders, and while they’re great, I tend to get tired of them fairly quickly. So, if you’re like me, and get tired of the 24/7 Riders coverage, then you probably will want some sort of sports substitute to fill that gap. Well you’re in luck! In Regina, there are ...

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Chemistry in athletics

“Though I’m sure Toronto Raptors coach Dwayne Casey would love to be able to concoct a magic potion to create an athletic utopia at the Air Canada Centre, the creation of good team chemistry – or the existence of its bad-blooded counterpart – comes to fruition in the form of a delicate balance that is difficult to master in the best of circumstances.” – John Loeppky

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Back to the mat

“I was getting off of a fifteen hour shift when I was involved in the accident. My car flipped seven times, I hit two poles and of the 12 air bags in my car not a single one went off; I was lucky to be alive.” – Reza Mosallat

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