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The uterus’ greatest enemy: Donald Trump

author: annie trussler | op-ed editor

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“It’s no surprise that the illustrious Donny T is opposed to anyone but him having any rights, but he has recently moved to pass a law that would forbid funding to foreign bodies hoping to perform abortions.”

tw: abortion mention, graphic imagery.

You have all read a million and six articles about his Lord Supreme Trump (which is something my 2006 self would have rolled her eyes at), and frankly, don’t expect this one to be much different. I don’t have any new facts, new numbers, or new scandals. You have major news networks for that sort of thing; I’m here to replicate what everyone already knows.

I am, however, going to take a moment to discuss the science behind the abortion process. Woah, left turn, but yes, this has to do with Trump, and yes, even those of you who this doesn’t apply to, you need to know. I’m not going to intricately describe the inner workings of the uterus, but I am going to supply you with a fact that cannot be refuted: without access to safe abortions, women die.

This article will be graphic, I’m warning you now. People of all demographics, pregnant via any circumstance, will perform abortions upon themselves by any means necessary, should their bodies be compromised. This does not just include rape or incest victims, this does not just include single moms; this does not just include teenagers. This includes every single person with a uterus (not only women can get pregnant, as many men also have uteri) that does not wish to have a baby in their body.

It’s no surprise that the illustrious Donny T is opposed to anyone but him having any rights, but he has recently moved to pass a law that would forbid funding to foreign bodies hoping to perform abortions. “Hooray,” think some conservative readers, “victory overseas!”

This changes nothing, and I hope that fact is blatantly obvious. All that has changed is that, maybe, we’ve stepped into a time machine, and people will die. Hundreds upon hundreds of people will die. Pregnant people will attempt self-abortions: they will make use of coat hangers, knives, bleach, and other lethal methods simply because they have been refused rights to their own biology.

I, myself, have never been interested in getting pregnant. Having kids, sure, but the concept of hosting another collection of cells in my own anatomy is just a little too “Alien versus Predator” for my liking; but, that’s precisely what a pregnancy is.

What is, however, an independent being with feelings, has an understanding of pain, and a sense of self, is the living, breathing person with a uterus who has made the choice not to confine themselves to a life of parenting; the person who has chosen not to go through the long, complex, painful process of carrying and then birthing a child; a person who has lived several years of their life, and can wish more for themselves than parenthood.

If the death of a functioning human being is less important than the death of a semi-human mass, there’s a flaw in your math. What Trump threatens to do, and undoubtedly, with a Republican senate, will succeed in doing, will make that decision. It will hold the petri dish of cells over full-grown, functioning, loving human being, who is apparently not worth enough care to be put before someone who has never seen light.

People will die. People have died, still die, and will continue to die in greater numbers. Banning abortion doesn’t stop abortion; it simply stops safe ones.

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