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The Carillon is looking to fill the vacant positions within its staff. We are looking for individuals that are self-driven, have a keen interest in the university community, student life, and non-profit corporations (like us!).

If you are looking to get real-world workplace experience before you graduate, then let us equip you with the skills and experience you are looking for. Whether it is managing our payroll and taxes, or being out in the field talking to an interesting assortment of people, we have a position for you! Join us to be a part of a contrarian student newspaper working on news, investigative journalism, arts and sports coverage, opinions, graphics and more. Become a student journalist. To apply send your resume and cover letter to For writing or editor positions please send two writing samples. For multimedia, please send multimedia (video or podcast, examples). For graphics, send along some images you’ve taken.

Should you be chosen for an interview, we want to have a good chat and really get to know you. If you don’t feel like a good fit at the time, never fear, you can join our roster of paid contributors. We’re one of the only student newspapers to pay our contributors ($20, if you’re curious). Before your interview, which can be held digitally, please think about the following.

What changes would you like to make to the carillon

If you’re applying to be a writer or section editor, what are three stories you’re itching to write?

What do you like about what we do?

What would you bring to our office culture — bonus points for snacks.

We are an inclusive employer and welcome all applicants. The only requirement is that you must be enrolled in courses in the fall. Also, we know that wages aren’t posted here. That’s because the board has to meet to discuss wages for the next year (boy, pandemics really do screw with this place’s transition plans). By the time you accept a position, your pay grade will be figured out and we are open to any and all money questions at the interview stage. All applications are due April 15. We are currently filling the following position(s): 


You act as both the head of all editorial decisions and a co-executive director of the organization alongside the business manager. You control the unruly ship that is a student newspaper. You’ll be figuring out stories, supporting your reporters, and making sure the bills get paid. You’ll also join a roster of folks who have gone on to bigger journalism gigs. You’ll have a significant transition period with the outgoing EIC. You can expect to be spending 25 hours a week on this gig if you’re an extremely organized person.

Production Manager

The prod manager lays out the paper, works in tandem with the editor-in-chief to make sure a 20 page paper goes out every week, and works with all sections to support the newspaper. Essential skills include a working knowledge of the adobe suite, an ability to multitask and adapt, as well as a sense of humour.

Technical Editor

Part website-guru, part firefighter, part WordPress whiz, the ideal candidate knows their way around the backend of a website, social media, and can support our plans to grow our online presence. This position comes in fits and spurts, so a good sense of schedule management is a positive. The technical editor is responsible for posting all online content as well.

Multimedia/Graphics Editor

In this position you work with our two other editors in this department to create podcasts, videos, and images for the newspaper. The more handy you are, the better. This position has less of a week-to-week commitment and more of a low and slow burn throughout the semester. We have camera and podcast equipment, but the more handy you are with it the better.

Op-Ed Editor

Do you like to yell, vent, and tell people what you truly think about quite possibly everything? Yes? Cool, cool, cool. Well, our opinions and editorials editor is responsible for four pages of the newspaper plus a page of humour a week. This means writing one piece yourself and delegating to our roster of writers and paid contributors for the other 3000-ish words. Folks who have taken this position include english majors, future lawyers, and current government administrators. If you can find people to write for you and express your opinions coherently then this position could be a good fit.

Staff Writer x 2

The switch hitter in our lineup, our staff writers cover two articles a week in two of our four sections (sports, news, arts, and op-ed). This position requires wide-ranging interests and an ability to switch gears (or stances if we’re really straining this baseball metaphor) throughout the volume.

Arts & Culture Writer

Theatre reviews, upcoming exhibition articles, a rant about the latest Animal Crossing game, and many other intricacies can be found in this section. You’ll be working with our a and c editor to write two articles (usually equaling out to 1500 words a week). We pay your admission to events if we can’t get you a press pass, so if you’re interested in speaking about campus and YQR events, give this position a shot.

News Writer

In this position you’ll be responsible for two articles a week (1500 words-ish) on campus and Regina news. Anything that affects students is fair game. We are a left-leaning newspaper with an interest in filling the holes left by the mainstream media, so the more ready you are to challenge the status quo, the happier we are to have you.

Web Writer

A new-ish, pilot project of a position, the web writer will write at least two articles a week. These can be longform pieces or short, to the point, relevant news of the day articles.

Board Member:

Are you a U of R student with an interest in board governance? Apply to be an at-large member of our board. Send us a resume!

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