Work with us!

The Carillon is looking to fill the vacant positions within its staff. We are looking for individuals that are self-driven, have a keen interest in the university community, student life, and non-profit corporations (like us!).

If you are looking to get real-world workplace experience before you graduate, then let us equip you with the skills and experience you are looking for. Whether it is managing our payroll and taxes, or being out in the field talking to an interesting assortment of people, we have a position for you! Join us to be a part of a contrarian student newspaper working on news, investigative journalism, arts and sports coverage, opinions, graphics and more. Become a student journalist.

To apply send your resume and cover letter to

For writing or editor positions please send two writing samples. For multimedia, please send multimedia (video or podcast, examples). For graphics, send along some images you’ve taken.

Should you be chosen for an interview, we want to have a good chat and really get to know you. If you don’t feel like a good fit at the time, never fear, you can join our roster of paid contributors. We’re one of the only student newspapers to pay our contributors ($20, if you’re curious). Before your interview, which will be held online, please think about the following:

What changes would you like to make to The Carillon

If you’re applying to be a writer or section editor, what are three stories you’re itching to write?

What do you like about what we do?

What would you bring to our office culture? — bonus points for snacks.

We are an inclusive employer and welcome all applicants. The only requirement is that you must be enrolled in courses in the fall. Also, we know that wages aren’t posted here. That’s because the board has to meet to discuss wages for the next year (boy, pandemics really do screw with this place’s transition plans). By the time you accept a position, your pay grade will be figured out and we are open to any and all money questions at the interview stage. We are currently filling the following position(s): 


Editor-in-Chief: The editor-in-chief is in charge of all editorial decision, and the creative direction of the Carillon newspaper. Week-to-week responsibilities include the secondary and final edits of all issues, sending out the pitch list, and managing the editorial board. In addition to this, the editor-in-chief maintains a seat on the Board of Directors, representing the editorial board. Finally, the editor-in-chief is responsible for managing any Carillon related sites/groups, and organizing editorial board meetings.

Arts and Culture Editor: The arts and culture editor is responsible for overseeing the development of said section, insuring equal coverage of musical, artistic, and otherwise cultural community-wide events and stories as reported by University of Regina students. The A&C editor is also responsible for the technical production of their section’s articles, and making sure that the graphics editor has been provided with pictures for the corresponding articles. The A&C editor is also responsible for submitting at least one multimedia piece per semester at the discretion of the multimedia editor.

Sports Editor: The sports editor is responsible for their section, that being a minimum of four pages, to coordinate and recruit contributors and writers, to facilitate the graphics editor’s acquisition of images for each of the articles and to coordinate with other members of the editorial staff as needed. Necessary skills required include: good time management, solid understanding of English language composition, good editing skills, good communication skills. The sports editor is also responsible for submitting at least one multimedia piece per semester at the discretion of the multimedia editor.

Arts Writer: The arts and culture writer is responsible for reporting on the various goings-on within the art scene around Regina specifically, but also in Canada and abroad as well. The arts and culture writer’s main focuses are, but not limited to, art, music, film, live performance, and literature.

Web Writer: Web writers will be required to write two articles each per week from two of the four sections of the Carillon. Web writers can focus on longform investigations or timely, boots on the ground, journalism.

Staff Writer: Staff writers will be required to write two articles each per week from two of the four sections of the Carillon (news, arts and culture, sports, op-ed). It will be up to the staff writers to communicate as to who is covering what section each week, and contacting the respective editors as to what they will be writing subject to the discretion of the editor-in chief.

Multimedia: The multimedia editor is required to supply and edit content. The job also requires the editor to know how to use the equipment provided by the Carillon and to record quality audio and video. Multimedia editor must also know how to use editing systems such as Adobe Premier Pro, Garage band, or other forms of software that is used for editing. The multimedia editor is also responsible for ensuring that sections editors submit the required one piece of multimedia content each semester. This content can include: video, Facebook live feed, or podcast. Section editors can edit the piece themselves, or submit the piece for the multimedia editor to edit themselves.