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The University of Regina's thriving community fuels our content at the Carillon! If you've got a story worth sharing or are interested in contributing please let us know! Send an email to editor@carillonregina.com and subscribe to our pitch list!

Uber danger

Recently there have been reports of crimes involving Uber. These stories are often very disturbing and frightening. There are dangers not only for passengers, but for drivers as well, as many reports are from drivers being victims of these crimes.  

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A bright future for Red Dog 

First Nations University of Canada is a beautiful and unique campus, both in its architectural design and location on the University of Regina campus. The sad thing I have noticed over the years, though, while studying at the U of R, is that it feels disconnected from campus life for most students.

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Known colloquially as the toxic masculinity advertisement, the video shows clips of sexual harassment, cyberbullying, men making excuses that “boys will be boys,” and then encourages men to not only abstain from these behaviours, but also to stand up against them when they occur.

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