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Why sports are better outside 

I am someone who has always loved being outside and although I do get out during the winter to go walking and skating, this gets tough and limited when the weather is so flippin’ cold. Thankfully, the intense cold spell is gone (and hopefully won’t come back until next winter) and people are coming out from their place of hibernation.

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So long to the 2018-19 season

Each sporting season had its merits, each team putting on a fantastically entertaining show of athleticism in their own trained and skillful discipline. Medals were won and lost, a couple teams dissolved, and titles were attained with their banners hung in the gym for the coming years to see as long as the fabric holds.  

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NHL playoff preview

If I had to do my predictions for series winners, I would have to say the Lightning, Bruins, Hurricanes, and Penguins win their series in the east. In the west, I have to go with the Flames, Stars, Golden Knights, and Blues. Its most likely wrong but hey, your bracket doesn’t look that good either.  

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