We are currently on break, getting ready for Volume 65!

We’re currently on our regularly scheduled end-of-semester break from publishing, and will be picking things up again mid-June, 2022. Feel free to hold your story ideas until then and send them in once we’re officially taking contributions for that first issue, or if you’d like to get started working on a piece now please send us a message below with your topic of choice so we can connect you with the relevant section editor.

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Then what are you waiting for? Send your work our way and we’ll make sure your voice is heard.

Any current students, faculty, support staff, or alumni of the University of Regina can contribute to our newspaper. Contributors can hone their writing, and get articles published in our News, Arts & Culture, Sports & Health, and Op-Ed sections. We also have opportunities to publish original photography, poetry, artwork, and comic strips, so if writing isn’t your forte we still have ways for you to get involved. We have provided students with opportunities to attend events like the JUNOS, the 101st Grey Cup, WHL Hockey games, and many more, all to provide us with the best content possible to publish in print and online.

Though publishing with student newspapers isn’t normally a paid opportunity at Canadian universities, the Carillon is currently able to offer a $20 honorarium for each piece of work contributed.

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    Disclaimer: All contributions are reviewed by our editorial staff and although we welcome a variety of ideas and opinions, contributions that contain or infer racism, homophobia, transphobia, or defamation of character are against our publication policy. Contributions containing such content will be denied any print or online publication through the Carillon.