Rainbow Cinemas closing in Saskatoon

A fitting sign for Saskatoon’s Rainbow Cinema.

Still upsetting regardless

Movie-goers had a bit of a scare in the late hours of March 23rd, 2020 as it looked like one of Regina’s most beloved theaters was closing its doors for good. The Rainbow Cinemas theatre, well-known for being one of the more cheaper options in Regina’s film selection, had made the following startling announcement

“To our beloved moviegoers,

Unfortunately, given the ongoing situation and the short timeframe we had left, we are sadly unable to re-open.

It’s been a wild ride, we’ve enjoyed every second of bringing the magic of movies to you and we have nothing but the deepest appreciation for your 25-years of patronage in Saskatoon.

– Everyone at the Rainbow Cinemas Saskatoon Team

ADDENDUM: Please continue to visit us at our other Saskatchewan locations — The Roxy Theatre, Rainbow Cinemas Regina, Capitol Theatre North Battleford, and Aurora Cinemas Meadow Lake — once isolation/quarantine is lifted!”

Many people, including me, were taken aback by such news. It wasn’t until (at least for me) that someone pointed (thank you Ethan Williams) that it was the Saskatoon Rainbow Cinemas which was closing. Despite the miscommunication, it’s still disheartening to see such a well-loved theater chain, whether it be one or all, close its doors.
Considering that the options for film-going are slim enough as is, this would’ve been a rather significant blow to the Queen City. What do you expect me to do? Fork over all my money to Cineplex? Well… I mean, I do already, but that’s beside the point.
A clarifying statement was released by the Regina Rainbow Cinemas to put those who were worried into ease.

“We sincerely hope you are staying well and safe!

Just a quick note here – Rainbow Cinemas Regina is NOT closing down for good!

We will surely let everyone know when we know of a re-opening date. A reanimation date. The Return of Rainbow Regina!

That being said, we wish our wonderful colleagues in Saskatoon the very best as they are unfortunately not returning to Rainbow Cinemas Saskatoon after these…winter events…subside. We in Regina join all of our provincial communities in thanking Rainbow Cinemas Saskatoon for providing many years of entertainment, fresh popcorn, and fantastic service!”

Again, it’s disheartening to think that a Rainbow Cinemas theatre anywhere has closed its doors. But for citizens of Regina, there’s at least a little bit of good news in knowing that it was the Regina branch which shut down.
Yes, good news to be sure, unfortunately, as stated in the statement, there’s the small issue of the coronavirus that needs to be dealt with first. A virus that, at the time of writing, has affected 14 more people and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Remember to continue to self-isolate as best you can during this time.
First thing I’m doing once this whole thing blows over, definitely taking in a film. I wonder what theatre I’ll go to. I don’t know, probably Landmark or something.

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